Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to create a user in OFSAA?

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OFSAA stands for Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications.  It is a complete end-to-end web-based business intelligence solution that provides tools for data integration, mart building, query and analysis, intelligent alerting and information delivery.

In this tutorial we will learn, how to create a user in OFSAA.

Steps to create a user in OFSAA:

1.     Login as administrator into the OFSAA application.

2.     Navigate to the Administration/Security Management on Left Menu.

3.     Security Management will open in a new window.
   Navigate to User Administrator/User Maintenance on the left menu and click on Add user icon.

4.      Enter the following details in the User Maintenance screen:
a.      User Id
b.     User Name
c.      Start date
d.      End Date
e.      Profile Description
f.       Password

g.     (i) To create a not enabled user do not check the Enable user checkbox.

                 (ii) To create an enabled user check the Enable user checkbox

Click on Save to create the user in OFSAA Database.


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