Friday, May 9, 2014

How to map a user to a group in OFSAA?

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 In the last tutorial of OFSAA, we learn’t how to authorize a user in OFSAA. Once the user is created and authorized in OFSAA, the user needs to be mapped to a group. In order to provide a specific role to the user, we need to map the user to a group in OFSAA.

A group is a specific role given to a user so that a user can perform specific tasks.

Steps to Map a User to a Group in OFSAA:

1. Navigate to User Administrator/User UserGroup Map in left menu.

Enter the user id created in the previous steps and hit the search button.

Check the checkbox under the heading User UserGroup Map heading and Click the Edit icon to map the groups.

2.  A pop up will be displayed with the groups already present in OFSSA.

3.  To create Admin user select ADMIN to the right side and click OK.

4.   We can map multiple groups to a user as per requirement.

         a. To create an AUTH user select AUTH group to the right side.

b.    Click OK


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