Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rarest One Rupee Coin of King George V-“Pig Rupee”

After the death of King Edward VII in 1910, Rupee in India started bearing the effigy of King George V from the year 1911 to 1936. The first issue of King George V One Rupee coin came in the year 1911. The coin was minted at Calcutta (with no mint mark) and Bombay (with dot on reverse side).

Uniqueness of 1911 George V One Rupee Coin:

The obverse side of the coin had effigy of King George V wearing the Imperial robe. At the bottom of the decorations on the imperial robe, there is an image of elephant. Due to poor engraving, the image of elephant looked more like that of a pig. If you observe the coin closely, trunk of the elephant is very short giving it an appearance of pig’s snout. Also, the animal seems to have short legs and short tail making it more like a pig than an elephant. As a result, first issue of King George V One Rupee became popularly known as “Pig Rupee”.

As, pig is considered unclean among majority of Indian citizen’s, outrage developed among the citizens against the issue of this coin in the year 1911. Consequently, most of the 1911 King George V Rupee coins were withdrawn from circulation and rest were melted down. This resulted in scarcity of 1911 King George V Rupee coin in the market. As a result, it is considered one of the rarest one Rupee coins of British India.

Later in the year 1912, King George V coins were redesigned with proper elephant’s image in the imperial robe of King George V. Therefore, 1911 issue of King George V Rupee coins are also known as Type I and 1912 onwards issue as Type II coins.

Specifications of “Pig Rupee”:

Metal: Silver
Weight: 11.66 gms
Mint: Calcutta and Bombay

Approximate Present Value: Rs. 5000-7000


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