Friday, August 8, 2014

Create Sql Server Authentication in SQL Server

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To create user in sql server who can login using sql server authentication even if you have already installed sql using window authentication can be accomplished by following the steps given below. This tutorial is also for those who want to create new SQL Server Login user.

Steps to Create user with Sql Server Authentication in MSSQL Server:

Step1: Login to Sql Server using window authentication first as shown in the screen shot below:

Window Authentication Login

Step 2: Right click on Security node and then select New->Login as shown in the diagram below:

New sql login in ms sql server

Step 3: In New Login Window Select Sql Server Authentication radio button type Login Name , Password and Confirm Password as shown in the picture below and then click on Ok button as shown in the diagram below:

New Sql Login

Step 4: Now disconnect from Sql Server and then try to connect using New SQL login created in step 3 as shown in the diagram below:

sql server authentication in ms sql server

Step 5: A new pop up window for change password will open . Enter New password here and click on ok button as shown in the diagram below. You will be logged into sql server using new sql login.

change password in sql server authentication

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