Thursday, September 11, 2014

Create Repository in Bit Bucket

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In this tutorial I will explain the steps of how to create new repository in Bitbucket. In the previous article I explained about How to create new bitbucket account.

Steps for making new Repository inside Bitbucket:

Step 1: Login to your bitbucket account using username and password and then in the dashboard click on create a repository button as shown in the diagram below:

create new repository in bitbucket

Step 2: Select the owner of repository, access level for the repository and Repository Type as shown in the diagram below:

Repository access level in bitbucket

Step 3: Select the language for the repository as shown in the picture below:

Repository language in bitbucket

Step 4: Finally click on Create repository . New Repository along with owner of the repository would be shown in the dashboard as you can see in the diagram given below:

bit bucket repository


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