Sunday, September 14, 2014

How to add new user to Bitbucket Repository

In bitbucket you can share the repository with another user, so they can also work on that. In this tutorial let us look at how to add new user into your team on bitbucket and give read, write or admin permission based on your project requirement.

Steps to add new user to BitBucket Repository :

Step 1: Login to your bitbucket account and then inside dashboard select Repositories and Name of the Repository in which you want to add new user as shown in the picture below:

Select Repository in bitbucket

Step 2: After selecting repository click on Settings in the left side as shown in diagram below:

Repository settings in bitbucket

Step 3: Click on Access management as shown in the picture below:

access management in bitbucket

Step 4: In Access Management enter name of the user if already registered with bitbucket or enter email address if you not sure about user name . Select the type of permission for this new user and then click on Add button as shown in the diagram below:

Add new user to git repository
confirmation mail will be sent on email address as shown below:

bitbucket confirmation email


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