Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to Clone Git Repository on Local System from BitBucket

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In this tutorial we will find out the procedure to download code from Git Repository on local system from your bitbucket account. If you are trying to create new bitbucket repository then you can check this post: How to Create BitBucket Repository

Steps to Clone Repository from BitBucket Using GitBash on localhost:

Step 1: First create a new folder on your local system in which you want to clone git repository from bitbucket. I have create folder with the name PincodeProject inside d drive.

Step 2: Open GitBash as shown in diagram below:

Git Bash on local system

Step 3: In gitbash change the drive to d which contain the folder for cloning the repo as shown in the diagram  below:

change drive in gitbash

Step 4: Now change to folder in which you want to clone the git repository. In this example I have created PincodeProject folder as shown in the picture below:

Clone to folder using GitBash

Step 5: Now use git init command to initialize folder as shown below in picture:

git init command in gitbash

Step 6: Now login to your bitbucket account. If you don't have bitbucket account then follow this link create bitbucket account. Open the repository whose clone you want to take as shown in the diargram below:

Git Bash dashboard

Step 7: Click on Clone after opening the repository and then copy the clone url as shown in the diagram below:

clone url gitbash

Step 8: Now paste the copied url in Git Bash Command line by right clicking on to top of GitBash command line window as shown in the picture below:

Paste clone url in GitBash

Step 9: Now enter bitbucket account login password to complete the clone process as shown in the diagram below:

BitBucket Password for cloning

Finally the project will be cloned on your local system from bitbucket using GitBash as you can see below:

gitbash cloned on system

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