Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to Create Bitbucket Account

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In this tutorial we will see how to sign up for bit bucket account. To create bitbucket account you must have valid email address.

Steps to Create or Sign up for Bit Bucket Account:

Step 1: Open BitBucket sign up url in the browser the url is Sign up for BitBucket. It will display the following page as shown in the diagram:

Bit Bucket Sign Up page

Step 2: Enter all the detail in sign up page. In plan you can have free plan or paid plan. In the free plan you can have personal account or 5 user team plan . I have selected 5 user team plan here as shown in the diagram below:

5 user team plan

Step 3: Finally your team will be created on bit bucket as shown in the picture below:

bit bucket dashboard

By following the above mentioned steps you can create your team on bitbucket for project management.

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  1. Bit-bucket account creating tips . Much thanks reason i'm new in Bit-bucket account .