Sunday, September 14, 2014

How to Install Git Bash on Local System

In previous articles we discussed about steps of creating bitbucket repository. To manage repository on bitbucket i.e. code check in , check out etc. from local system you can use git bash. Git Bash is command line tool by using which you can clone repository from bitbucket, work on the code and then commit the code back to bitbucket repostiroy etc.

Steps to Install Git Locally:

Step 1: Download git from this link: Download Git. You can download for Linux, Window, Mac or Solaries operating system as shown in the diagram below:

Download git for windows

Step 2: After downloading the git according to your operating system, run the exe file as shown in the picture below:

Install git bash on windows

Step 3: In select component window select Windows Explorer integration as shown in the diagram below:

Git Bash option

Step 4: In Adjusting your PATH environment select Use Git from Git Bash Only as shown in the picture below:

Use git from git bash only

Step 5: In configuring the line ending conversion window select the option Checkout windows-style , commit Unix-style line ending conversions:

configuring the line ending conversion in git

Finally click on Finish to complete the installation as shown below:

Git finish installation

You can use Git GUI for UI interface or Git Bash for using git commands as shown in the diagram below:

Git bash


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