Thursday, September 4, 2014

How to solve 500 Internal Server Error in ASP.Net

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To trace 500 internal server error in application can be done by from IIS using the steps given below.
From IIS you can find out the page and line number which is causing the 500 internal server error.
To produce 500 internal server error I have removed one opening tag from web.config file as shown in the diagram:

500 internal server error

Trace 500 Internal Server Error from IIS:

Step 1: In IIS select the website which is showing the error as shown in the diagram below:

Find 500 internal server error in iis

Step 2: Now double click on the Application Settings as shown in the diagram below:

Application setting in web.config

Step 3: When you double click then a window will open which will show the name of the file which is generating 500 Internal server error as you can see in the diagram below where IIS is showing some error is in the web.config file which is causing 500 error:

reason for 500 internal server error

Hope this article has solved your problem related to 500  internal server error.


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