Monday, October 13, 2014

Different operations (deleting ,hiding, merging and duplicating layers)that you can perform on layers in photoshop.

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In the previous posts we learnt about how to give emboss effect to layers and layer transforming tricks , in this post we will be focusing on operations like deleting, merging ,hiding and duplicating layers. Lets go about learning the process to perform these operations one by one with the help of the following screen shots.
  1. How to duplicate an existing layer in Photoshop –

  1. First create any shape using the shape tool .
  2. Right click on the shape from the layers menu, an options menu opens up which gives you list of options .

  3. Select the duplicate layer option from this menu.
  4. A dialog box opens up which allows you to rename this duplicated shape .

  1. How to delete a layer in photoshop-

  1. Right click on the existing layer from the layers menu.
  2. Select the delete layer option from the options menu.

  3. OR you can simply select the layer you want to delete and press the delete button in the bottom of the layers menu.
  4. A dialog box opens , select yes to delete .

  1. How to hide and show a layer in an image in Photoshop-

  1. See the eye icon on the left of every layer in the layers menu.

  2. This is the key that lets you make the layer invisible and visible again.

  1. How to merge two or more layers in photoshop-

  1. Press the CTRL key and select the layers that you wish to merge, one by one.
  2. After you have selected ,right click on the layers and select the merge layers/merge shapes option from the options.Now all the merged layers become one single layer.

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