Sunday, October 5, 2014

First Adsense payment received via Wire Transfer/EFT- Review

AdSense payment via cheque for Indian publishers was a minimum of 45 day waiting process from the day AdSense threshold amount reached $100 (only for those who achieved AdSense $100 threshold near to month end). However it was even more longer journey for those who achieved $100 AdSense threshold  at beginning of any month. They would have to wait for almost two and half months to get paid for their efforts.

Recently, when Google Adsense came up with option of Wire Transfer/EFT for Indian publishers, I followed the process and changed my form of payment from Cheque mode to Wire Transfer/EFT mode. Initially, I was a bit doubtful whether it would work or not as I could not find any reviews of successful payment via wire transfer by any Indian publisher.

On Aug 31, 2014 my Adsense threshold crossed $100 and payment was released on 23 Sep-2014. I was counting on the days when the amount will be credited to my account.

 I was lucky that I received my Adsense payment within 48 hours and it was a complete hassle-free transaction. As compared to cheque which took almost 15 days, I received my payment in just 2 days via Adsense wire transfer.

Benefits of AdSense Wire Transfer/EFT over Cheque Payment

1. Cheque gets delivered after 15 days of payment released by Google whereas  AdSense Wire Transfer credits the amount in 1-3 business days.

2. Free from depositing cheque at bank and waiting for it to get processed.

3. If your amount is relatively good, wire transfer provides you your payment early. Saving it can incur good interest on it. Whereas cheque delays your amount by 15 days which results in loss of interest for those 15 days.

Drawbacks of AdSense Wire Transfer/EFT

1. Though Adsense wire transfer provides you quick payment but your banks cuts a lot on currency conversion rate. The day my payment was processed, dollar to rupee was 1$ : 61 Rupee but my amount was converted at 1$ : 59.38 Rupee rate. So approximately I was paid almost Rs. 200 less to my actual amount.