Monday, October 13, 2014

Selecting and grouping multiple layers and creating a clipping mask in photoshop.

In the previous posts we read about some operations like duplicating , deleting andmerging layers in photoshop , in this section we will be knowing about some more operations that can be performed on layers like grouping and clipping mask. Let us go about these operations one by one.

  1. How to select and move one or more layers together at the same time-

  1. One way to select two or more layers is to keep the CTRL key pressed and selecting the layers one by one.
  2. OR the second way to select multiple layers is to keep the shift key pressed and selecting the lower most layer and the uppermost layer, by doing this all the layers between these two layers , including these two will be selected, but this way is only applicable if the layers you want to select are placed in a row or a sequence, one on top of other and not scattered in the layers menu.
  3. After you have selected multiple layers you can very easily drag them in the layers panel to place them where ever you desire and order them accordingly.
  4. You can even delete multiple layers by selecting them all at once.
  1. Grouping multiple layers in photoshop-

  1. Grouping the layers gives you a chance to separate out the related layers and keep them in one separate group, it makes your work much easier when you have more number of layers in one image.
  2. You can always hide and show the group and even drag the group from one place to another without getting into the hassle of selecting the same bunch of layers every time.
  3. All you have to do is select the layers you want to put in one group by using any one of the above described ways .
  4. Then just create a group by clicking on the group icon in the bottom of the layers panel.
  5. Drag the layers that you have selected into the group . and your group Is created.
  6. You can also expand and minimize and rename your group , according to your work.
  7. You can also add any layer to the group and also delete a layer from your group by dragging layers in and out of your group.
  8. To un group the layers in a group, right click on the group and select the ungroup layers option.

  1. Creating a clipping mask in photoshop-

  1. This is a very interesting feature that photoshop provides us.
  2. By creating a clipping mask we mean that we are keeping an image on top of other and covering the underlying layer with the layer on the top . an example can better explain what a clipping mask does, suppose you have two layers , one is a blue cloud shape , and another is simple red rectangle , now if you place the red rectangle on top of the blue cloud in the layers panel, and right click on the red rectangle , and select create clipping mask option, what it will do is, it will overlap the blue cloud shape and cut itself into the cloud shape .
  3. Create two different shapes of different colors.
  4. Now keep one shape on top of other.
  5. Right click on the shape on the top .
  6. Select the create clipping mask option from the options and see the effect.


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